Poll: Americans identifying as democrat falls to record low, best numbers for GOP since 1991


In a Gallup survey released Friday, the number of Americans identifying as Democrats has fallen to a record low while those identifying as conservative or moderate ties for top ideological identification.

The survey of 12,145 American adults was conducted by phone throughout 2023 and reveals that going into the 2024 election, the Democrat Party’s advantage has diminished.

For the first time since 2004, the survey also reveals there are as many polled who identify as Republican as there are who identify as Democrat.

Democrats have held an advantage over Republicans in most years since 1991.

The question “Do you consider yourself a Republican or a Democrat?” shows Republicans at 45% and Democrats at 43%, the best numbers for GOP since 1991.

According to Gallup, independent identification continues to be the largest voting bloc with the latest survey showing 43% of U.S. adults identifying this way…

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