Monday’s UK newspaper front pages: 1 April 2024

The Daily Telegraph

Council tax is set to double for 80% of second homes after more than 150 local authorities moved to raise rates, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail splashes on reports that 250 people every week are dying due to waiting for too long in A&E.

Daily Express

King Charles’ insistence that he is “doing his best” after well-wishers urged him to “get well soon” during a walkabout in Windsor over the weekend leads the Daily Express.

The Times

The Times reports that long waiting times in A&E departments are killing up to 250 patients a week.


The prime minister’s plan to stop small boats crossing the channel is “at risk” from Home Office dithering, according to i.

The Guardian

The Guardian reports that analysis conducted by Labour has found that Conservative plans to abolish non-dom tax status are “riddled with loopholes”.

The Sun

The Sun splashes on The King’s appearance in Windsor over the weekend, describing the monarch’s walkabout as an “Easter boost”.

Daily Mirror

King Charles’ good spirits at an Easter service over the weekend, his first public appearance since his cancer diagnosis, lead the Daily Mirror.

Daily Star

The Daily Star reports that the ghost of Elvis Presley is haunting a Las Vegas hotel, according to the singer’s step-brother.

Financial Times

The Financial Times leads with companies rushing to meet their financing needs before the US election in a drive to get ahead of potential market volatility. 

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