Footage released of Colorado police confronting then-teenager Brian Cohee who admitted to having a severed head in his house

Cohee’s mother had called the police after finding a severed head in her son’s closet.

That wasn’t all she found. Cohee’s mother found bags containing more body parts belonging to 69-year-old homeless man Warren Barnes.

When Cohee was confronted by police, he bluntly admitted to the murder.

“Yeah, I believe so, a human head and hands. From that fella that went missing. I murdered him with a knife,” he said.

“I always wondered what murder would feel like.”

Cohee’s mom found the head which was covered in maggots and placed it in the sink.

The murderer said he was hunting for a homeless person in his car. When he saw Barnes, he grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the neck.

“He was panicking at first in, he was saying what are you doing, what are you doing why, why, and I just kept on stabbing his neck.”

Cohee even laughed during the investigation while remembering how he dismembered Barnes’ body.

Cohee was sentenced to life in prison.

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