Ty Cobb: Guilty verdict in Trump New York case likely by Friday

Former Trump administration attorney Ty Cobb, speaking on CNN’s “OutFront,” predicted that a guilty verdict in former President Donald Trump’s New York business record trial would likely come by Friday. Cobb suggested that Friday afternoon was a trustworthy estimate for the verdict, considering jurors typically prefer not to deliberate over the weekend and prefer to avoid returning the following week. He emphasized that the jury instructions might heavily influence the verdict, suggesting that they almost require a guilty verdict based on the charges against Trump.

Cobb’s prediction of a guilty verdict by Friday was based on his belief that the jury instructions, particularly regarding campaign finance crimes, would heavily influence the outcome. He suggested that the instructions might not require a specific level of intent or knowledge from Trump, making a guilty verdict more likely. Cobb’s analysis pointed towards a swift resolution to the trial, possibly concluding by the weekend.

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