Tuesday’s UK newspaper front pages: 11 JUNE 2024

Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror leads on a children’s health pledge from Keir Starmer, where he promises to ban the sales of energy drinks to under 16s and stop junk food ads before 9pm.

The Daily Telegraph

Rishi Sunak is set to offer landlords a tax break as he vows workers, parents and pensioners will all “feel the benefit of Conservatism”, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The Sun

The Sun leads on the convictions of the murderers of Shawn Seesahai, who was killed by two 12-year-old boys when they stabbed him in the heart with a 16-inch machete.

The Times

The Times reports that Rishi Sunak is set to put tax cuts and help for first-time buyers at the heart of his party’s manifesto as he seeks to revive a “flagging campaign”.

The Guardian

Right-wing members of the Conservative Party are planning to present Rishi Sunak with a list of demands if his manifesto falls flat, The Guardian reports.

Daily Mail

Two 12-year-old boys have become Britain’s youngest convicted murderers since James Bulger’s killers, after they launched an “unprovoked” machete attack on an innocent teenager, the Daily Mail reports.

Daily Express

The Daily Express leads on Rishi Sunak’s “moral mission” to lower taxes, as he promises a 2p cut in national insurance.


Rishi Sunak is said to be pinning his election hopes on a national insurance cut, in an effort to rescue a “stricken” Tory campaign, the i reports.

Daily Star

England’s squad landed in Germany after waving goodbye to thousands of young fans ahead of the start of the men’s European Football Championship this week, the Daily Star reports.

Financial Times

The Financial Times says the Labour Party is reluctant to rule out an increase on capital gains tax – with warnings the move could deter investors from the UK.


The NHS has issued an urgent appeal for O blood-type donations following a cyber attack that forced delays to operations at major hospitals in London, the Metro reports.

The Independent - Front Page - 06/11/2024

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