Putin’s reelection is good for Africa – Chadian envoy

The reelection of President Vladimir Putin is beneficial not only for the Russian people, but also for the entire world, including Africa, Chadian envoy Mahamoud Adam Bechir has said in an exclusive interview with RT.

Bechir believes Putin’s efforts have strengthened relations with Africa. He added that Russia is led by a “great president.”

Nazih Ali Bahaaeldin Elnaggary, Egypt’s ambassador to Russia, said Putin’s reelection reflects Russia’s influence in the world arena. 

He noted that relations between Egypt and Russia are progressing positively and effectively. “We cooperated in many areas and in many directions and strive to develop this cooperation in the future.”

The Egyptian envoy went on to say that Russia and Egypt currently have collaborative projects and are committed to enhancing and expanding them, while also exploring new avenues for cooperation. He added that he wishes Russia “prosperity and success.”

Putin was officially sworn in for his fifth term as president at the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow on Tuesday. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of high-ranking guests, including senior government officials and foreign ambassadors, following the presidential election on March 15-17.


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