POLLS: Biden, Trump in a dead heat in Virginia

Two-thirds say Trump’s conviction won’t matter to their presidential vote

Virginia is not widely considered a battleground state this election cycle — or perhaps just not yet. After winning the state by more than 10 points four years ago, President Biden finds himself in a tie with former President Donald Trump, according to a new Fox News survey of Virginia registered voters. 

The poll, released Thursday, shows Biden and Trump with 48% each in a head-to-head matchup in the Old Dominion State.

Biden gets strong backing from Black voters (73%), suburban women (58%), and college-educated voters (56%).

Trump’s support comes from White evangelical Christians (80%), rural voters (63%), voters without a college degree (56%), and White voters (54%).

There is no age gap, as voters under 30 (48% each) and those 65 and over (48% each) split their support. 

Independents are also torn (45% Biden, 43% Trump).

The gender divide is small but still evident, as men are more likely to go for Trump (+5), while the opposite is true among women (Biden +6).

A potential five-way race is tight in Virginia as well, with Biden edging out Trump by just 1 point, 42%-41%, followed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 9%, Cornel West 2%, and Jill Stein 2%.  

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