Not every iPhone is powerful enough to run Apple’s AI features. Here’s which models reportedly make the cut.

Sorry, anyone with an older iPhone. Apple’s upcoming AI features will reportedly require at least an iPhone 15 Pro.


It sounds like Apple is betting its long-expected AI features will be enough to convince you to upgrade your iPhone — especially if the AI requires a top-of-the-line device.

Apple is expected to reveal iOS 18 at its annual developers conference, WWDC, on Monday.

The company’s new AI software, which Bloomberg reported will be called “Apple Intelligence,” will include features that run on-device — meaning they’re powered directly by the iPhone’s chips rather than relying on cloud servers. Some of the AI services will still rely on cloud-based computing, according to the report, but many will not.

So which iPhone models will make the cut? Not many, apparently.

The new AI features will require at least an iPhone 15 Pro or the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup, Bloomberg reported. The iPhone 16 and public launch of iOS 18 are both expected in the fall. Those with iPads and Macs will also require models with an M1 chip at minimum, according to the report.

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