Atlanta prosecutor who is shown on a podcast talking about integrity, has been jailed for 7 years for stealing $15 million in COVID relief loans

Shelitha Robertson, who said she would never degrade herself “for a dolla,” used the PPP loans to buy a Rolls Royce, a 10-carat diamond ring, and a motorbike. Robertson submitted a false loan application claiming she needed money for her four businesses.

She also transferred funds to family members.

“Motivated by greed, Robertson deceptively obtained funds that were designated to provide emergency financial relief to struggling small businesses during the COV*D-19 pandemic, said U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan.

While appearing on her daughter’s podcast, Robertson talked about integrity. “I choose integrity and whatever else it brings.

I don’t choose selling your soul. Because that would mean I am willing to belittle myself and degrade myself for the love of what? Of a dolla,” she said.

“How my kids view me and respect me, means more to me than earning a quick dollar for me to be something that I’m not.”

Typically, the people who talk the loudest about how good they are, are actually the worst people.

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