Men accused of plotting machine gun attack on Jewish community appear in court

Two men from Greater Manchester have appeared in court accused of preparing to carry out a machine gun attack on Jewish targets and members of law enforcement and the military.

Walid Saadaoui, 36, from Abram, near Wigan, and Amar Hussein, 50, of no fixed abode, are charged with preparation of terrorist acts.

They were arrested by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) on the evening of 8 May in separate locations.

The two men appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court alongside Saadaoui’s younger brother, Bilel, 35, from Hindley, near Wigan.

Bilel Saadaoui is charged with failure to disclose information about an act of terrorism.

Prosecutor Rebecca Waller told the court: “They intended causing multiple fatalities using automatic weapons.”

All three appeared in custody wearing grey, prison-issue tracksuits and surrounded by police officers.

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