Marjorie Taylor Greene poses challenges for House GOP leaders as they decide how much attention to give the Trump loyalist

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was a team player and a reliable Republican leadership ally for nine months under former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, willing to swallow tough votes and fall in line even when it meant defying her right-wing colleagues.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, once a team player under former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, has changed her ways under Speaker Mike Johnson, becoming more rebellious and causing tension within the House GOP Conference.

Greene’s actions, including outbursts and attempts to oust Johnson, have made her unpopular among her Republican colleagues, with some calling for repercussions.

Greene is pushing Johnson to take controversial votes, including a long-shot impeachment resolution against President Biden and a government shutdown over Department of Justice funding.

Despite her lone-wolf status, Greene feels emboldened by her continued support from MAGA supporters and former President Trump, who recently endorsed her for reelection and featured her at his Las Vegas rally.

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