Iranian cyber group Handala claims breach of Israel’s radar systems, sends threatening messages to citizens


An Iranian cyber group named Handala claims to have breached Israel’s radar systems and sent hundreds of thousands of threatening text messages to Israeli citizens. 

The group alleged it infiltrated the radar systems and dispatched 500,000 text messages to Israeli citizens. “You have only a few hours to fix the systems,” the message warned.

In the wake of escalating tensions over a potential Iranian attack, Handala publicized a statement on social networks, asserting they had penetrated Israel’s radar defenses. The announcement, shared via Telegram, was scant on details but emphasized its significant success, potentially undermining Israel’s national security. “You have only a few hours to repair the radar systems,” the attackers reiterated in their message.

The group has sent thousands of texts to Israelis

Moreover, the group claims to have sent 500,000 text messages to Israeli citizens, urging them to oppose their government and support Iran. These messages also contained threats to Israel.

“People will pay for the crimes and foolishness of your leaders. There is no doubt that your leaders will regret these foolish ventures. Evacuate the cities; perhaps you will see less damage!” the message stated. “Do not hesitate and do not sleep; the chance to escape is less than ten seconds, and perhaps your city will be chosen.”

Handala is known for targeting Israeli interests. In the past, it has conducted cyber attacks on government and private sector websites.

While the attackers’ claims remain unverified by official Israeli sources, security experts in Israel are expressing increasing concern over the possibility of Iranian cyber attacks aimed at critical national infrastructure.

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