Horrifying moment gang beat up lesbian couple celebrating birthday

This is the horrifying moment a lesbian couple were left bloodied and bruised after being brutally attacked by a gang of men.

Emma MacLean and her girlfriend Tori were out enjoying a birthday celebration in Halifax, Canada, when they unexpectedly found themselves at the centre of a heated altercation with the group, after one of the men walked over to Emma and allegedly made a homophobic comment.

MacLean told CTV News: “A group of men walking on the other direction made a comment to me. My girlfriend, Tori, said ‘hey that’s my girlfriend.’”

MacLean, who was left with a black eye, chipped tooth and broken nose following the attack, said the group became provoked by this, which prompted them to taunt the pair and make homophobic slurs, before brutally beating both MacLean and her girlfriend.

She added: “They continued walking and then Tori followed them to basically verbally say ‘that is not okay.’” This is where the incident escalated, she recalls. MacLean continued: “I see Tori being pushed on the stairs right in front of the BMO centre and they are cement stairs and she’s on her back. That’s when all the men start punching and kicking her.

“The fight or flight came in. I jumped on one of their backs and put him in a chokehold basically trying to restrain him.”

Police officers patrolling the area were alerted to the attack by a passerby. But when they arrived, the altercation had already ended. MacLean says officers then approached her and Tori, telling them that they spoke with one of the men involved in the incident.

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