Google urges millions of Chrome users to update browsers NOW after uncovering flaw that lets hackers take over computers

Google is rolling out a ‘critical’ Chrome software update after almost 100 reports of malicious actors hacking people’s personal information. The hackers can get remote access through HTML pages.

  • Google issued a ‘critical’ Chrome browser update in response to software flaw
  • Hackers were using the flaw to gain remote access over user’s computers
  • The hackers used an HTML page to entice users to click on it, opening malware


Google has urged millions of Chrome users to update their browsers after uncovering a malicious attack that lets hackers take control of computers.

The tech giant warned cybercriminals are using malicious pop-up windows or websites to gain access to an unsuspecting victim’s personal information.

A ‘critical’ update has been rolled out, which closes the loophole that makes your servers vulnerable to what’s called a ‘zero day’ attack.

The name stems from the fact a perpetrator found a weakness before the manufacturer, leaving zero days to fix the issue because the server has already been compromised. 

The update can be accessed in Google’s Chrome browser under the ‘Settings’ section.

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