Ex-NFL star fires off strong message after Biden-Trump debate

Former NFL star T.J. Ward criticized potential supporters of President Biden Thursday night as he and millions of others tuned in to watch the first debate between Biden and former President Trump.

Ward, a three-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion who played in the NFL through the 2017 season, wrote a scathing message on social media.

“If you vote for Biden I’m convinced your def dumb and blind,” the former Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos player wrote on X.

Similar sentiment, albeit maybe more toned down, was blasted across social media throughout the night. Biden stumbled out of the gate during the debate, sparking panic among members of the Democratic Party.

One well-connected Democratic source told Fox News late Thursday after the debate the House and the Senate are Republican — for now — adding, “everyone is freaking out” and that Biden “needs to go.”

However, there is “no way they replace him unless he agrees,” the source said.

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