Couple left stranded in Africa after cruise leaves without them

  • Jill and Jay Campbell were among nine passengers abandoned in Africa
  • They attempted to board their cruise after a private tour and were denied entry
  • Among seven Americans and two Australians stranded on the isolated island are a paraplegic, a pregnant woman and a person with a heart condition


A South Carolina couple have been left stranded on a remote island off the coast of Africa after their cruise line denied them re-entry on the ship.

Jill and Jay Campbell boarded the Norwegian Dawn in Cape Town, South Africa, to begin their cruise around the continent. Last Wednesday, they embarked on a private tour on São Tome and Principe, a small island off western Africa.

According the the couple, the tour operator notified the captain that they were going to be late re-joining the group.

When the São Tome coast guard ferried the tour group back to the port, the ship was still anchored – but the captain had ordered them to be taken back to the island.

The Campbells were ultimately stranded in the seaside capital city of São Tome with seven other passengers – five of which are also American – and forced to watch as the ship sailed off. 

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