Black influencer tells Dr. Phil Biden student loan handouts a ‘slap in the face’ to those who didn’t take debt


Multiple guests on Dr. Phil Primetime blasted President Biden’s student loan handout programs, arguing that the universities, not taxpayers, should be held accountable.

Dr. Phil said, in his opinion, student borrowers have been “subject to predatory lending.” The host argued that “overall statistics tell us that a college degree versus a high school degree will yield about a million dollars more throughout your life,” but university debt “can break you getting there if you don’t make plans for it ahead of time.”

While multiple guests talked about struggling with student loans, PragerU personality Xaviaer DuRousseau slammed the idea of “student loan forgiveness” as “a slap in the face of those of us who have bent over backwards to not be in that situation.” 

DuRousseau noted his history of hard work and stellar academic and athletic achievement, despite coming from a low-income background. “God willing, I ended up getting an academic full ride to the University of Illinois because I handled my business. America is a free country, but this is not the United States of Section 8,” he said.

When DuRousseau was asked who warned him to avoid engaging in the potentially hazardous student loan system, he answered, “Myself.”

Dr. Phil criticized Biden’s student loan bailout plan as he spoke to viewers, arguing that even as current student loan debt is canceled, “they’re still making loans! We’re canceling them on this end and they’re still making loans on the front end – how is that not a higher form of insanity?” 

He also rejected rhetoric from politicians referring to the handout as “forgiveness” or saying it has already been paid for – “unless somebody wrote ‘stupid’ on my forehead, I’m not believing that, and if you believe it, then somebody must have written it on your forehead.”

Author and commentator Carrie Sheffield of the Independent Women’s Forum agreed that the student loan handout is “enabling the abuse, it’s enabling the universities and then the enabler is the federal loans, so I think one of the solutions is to actually tax the universities.”

One guest named Bradley, who took on a massive amount of debt to go to culinary school to the point it made him consider suicide, argued, “I don’t support the $10,000 student loan forgiveness that the president was really pushing, that is a band-aid on the problem, we need to look at the root of the problem, and it is allowing loan servicers to just shell out this money to anyone with a pulse and at the high interest compounding daily, I agree we need to hold colleges accountable.”

Throughout the show, guests talked about the skyrocketing cost of going to college, and how this money, rather than supporting teachers or improving the education, fuels a bloated bureaucracy on campuses. 

DuRousseau agreed with Bradley’s assessment that Biden’s plan “is putting a band-aid on the greater issue because student loan debt and student loan forgiveness is really just putting a band-aid on this vicious cycle, because every dollar that you make available for student loans, tuition goes up by 60 cents, and that 60 cents that’s going up, it’s to indoctrinate people, it’s to make them take classes that are irrelevant to their career path, and it ultimately leads to the situation that you’re in and that you’re in,” he said to other guests.

He concluded, “We need to start holding these universities accountable, they have on average over a billion dollars worth of endowment, and we need to start looking at them and questioning why we’re allowing them to become these corrupt, unbearable corporations.”

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