Biden faces mutiny as 25 Dems prepare to call for him to step aside

At least 25 Democrat members of Congress are set to call on Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race in the coming days, while a pair of Senators have distanced themselves from the ailing president.

The Democratic revolt in the House was expected to take place if Biden ‘seems shaky in coming days’ as one Democrat aide warned: ‘the dam is broken.’ 

In the Senate, it was revealed that centrist Joe Manchin needed to be pulled back from the brink as he prepared to become the first Biden ally to call for him to quit on one of the Sunday news shows. 

‘Nobody wants to be the first one to knife Julius Caesar,’ a party insider said about Manchin’s predicament.

Tammy Baldwin, a Senator who faces re-election in Wisconsin, announced Tuesday morning she will not be joining Biden on stage when he campaigns in her hometown of Madison on Friday.

The Democratic disses came on a whirlwind day in DC as three House members shocked the party by either telling Biden to drop out or stating he’s already lost the election to Donald Trump. 

Biden insiders continue to insist that the president, 81, will carry on against Trump despite his disastrous first debate just five days go. 

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