6 things your poop is telling you about your health


Your poop can reveal a lot about your health. Paying attention to it can help you detect potential health issues early. Here are some key things your poop is telling you and why you should pay attention.

1. Colour

The colour of your poop can indicate various health conditions:

  • Brown: Normal and healthy.
  • Green: Often caused by eating green vegetables or food colouring.
  • Yellow: Could indicate excess fat, possibly due to malabsorption disorders like celiac disease.
  • Black: This may suggest bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract or be caused by certain medications or supplements.
  • Red: This could indicate bleeding in the lower intestinal tract or haemorrhoids. It can also result from eating red-coloured foods.

2. Consistency

The consistency of your poop can tell you about your digestive health:

  • Formed and Soft: Ideal and healthy.
  • Watery (Diarrhea): Can be caused by infections, food intolerances, or digestive disorders.
  • Hard and Lumpy (Constipation): Often due to a lack of fibre or hydration, or it could be a sign of digestive issues.

3. Frequency

How often you go can indicate if something is off with your digestive system:

  • Once a Day: Typical and healthy for many people.
  • More Than Thrice a Day: This could suggest diarrhoea or an overactive digestive system.
  • Less Than Thrice a Week: Might indicate constipation or slow digestion.

4. Shape

The shape of your poop can give clues about your bowel health:

  • Smooth and Sausage-Like: Healthy and normal.
  • Pebble-Like: Could indicate dehydration or constipation.
  • Loose and Fluffy: May suggest a digestive disorder or an intolerance to certain foods.

5. Smell

While poop doesn’t smell good, an unusually foul smell can be telling:


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