Hungary Blocks EU Weapons Aid to ‘Hostile’ Ukraine After Leaks of Alleged Plan to Bomb Pipeline

Hungary has announced that it will block an EU military aid package for Ukraine, labelling the country as “hostile” after an alleged plan to blow up an oil pipeline leaked in the Western press.

Hungarian government officials have expressed their fury at Ukraine in recent days, decrying the country as being “hostile” after the country’s alleged plans to blow up an oil pipeline leaked in the Washington Post last week.

As detailed by the leaks, Zelensky has reportedly been considering an attack on Russia’s Druzhba pipeline that supplies oil to Hungary in what would appear to be an attempt to sabotage the country.

Kyiv has also blacklisted Hungarian bank OTP, listing the firm as a sponsor of Russia’s invasion, causing further anger in Budapest.

According to a report by the Associated Press, senior officials in the Hungarian government say that they are blocking EU attempts to send more weapons and ammo to Ukraine in retaliation for the blacklisting.

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