NBC's Todd claims scientific research proves there's more than two genders

NBC's Todd claims scientific research proves there's more than two genders


Democrats claim to be the party of science, yet many of their highest-profile sycophants in the media regularly parrot anti-scientific claims like “gender is a spectrum.” This was the case on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday as moderator Chuck Todd argued with GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy over second-grade biology. 

After Ramaswamy made the perfectly rational point that “below the age of 18, I think it’s perfectly legitimate to say that we won’t allow genital mutilation or chemical castration through puberty blockers,” Todd jumped in to take issue with that stance. The following back-and-forth Ramaswamy had with Todd is a perfect illustration of what delusion looks like: 

CHUCK TODD: You’re calling it that, but how do you know it’s that? Again, how do you know? Are you confident that you know that gender is as binary as you’re describing it? Are you confident? 


TODD: That there isn’t a spectrum? 


TODD: Do you know this as a scientist? 

RAMASWAMY: Well, there’s two X chromosomes if you’re a woman, and an X and a Y that means you’re a man—


TODD: There is a lot of scientific research that says gender is a spectrum. 

In reality, there isn’t one example of actual, legitimate scientific research that proves gender is a spectrum and isn’t a binary. 

Ramaswamy was much too polite and tolerant toward Todd when he told him he “respectfully disagree[d],” and explained that “Gender Dysphoria for most of our history all the way through the DSM-5 has been characterized as a mental health disorder.” 

He then made the point that it’s cruel to indulge in the delusions of those with Gender Dysphoria and instead suggested they get help. 

“Let’s be compassionate and get to the heart of that rather than playing this game as though we’re actually changing our medical understanding for the last hundred years,” Ramaswamy noted. 

Todd interjected to advocate children getting their genitals mutilated or chemically castrated to prevent them from committing suicide. This is a common form of emotional blackmail that trans activists use to coerce their opponents into giving in. 


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