UK Newspapers Front Pages: 16 March 2023

UK Newspapers Front Pages: 16 March 2023

Daily Mail

Six million workers will be caught up in a £120bn stealth tax raid after today’s budget, the Daily Mail reports.

The Times

The Times says Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s budget leaves the UK with the “biggest tax burden since the war” and the “tightest two-year squeeze on living standards on record”.


Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s budget contained a stealth rise in income tax equivalent to a 4p increase, the i reports.

The Sun

Drivers will save £100-a-year on average after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt halted a potential 12p increase in fuel duty, The Sun says.

The Daily Telegraph

The Bank of England has held emergency talks with its international counterparts amid fears of a potential financial disaster at Credit Suisse, one of Europe’s biggest banks, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Daily Mirror

In his budget Chancellor Jeremy Hunt gave the wealthy a £3.8bn tax boost, according to the Daily Mirror. The paper says the chancellor “snubbed” key workers who are desperate for a pay rise.

Daily Star

The tallest jockey in the world, 6ft 4in Jack Andrews, is hoping to win at Cheltenham, says the Daily Star.

Daily Express

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt resisted demands from within his own party for tax cuts as he laid out an array of initiatives to put the UK back on the “right track,” the Daily Express reports.

The Guardian

The Guardian brands today’s budget a “giveaway for the 1%”, with public services “basically ignored” and left to face “implausibly tight spending”.


The Metro calls today’s announcement from the chancellor the “easy does it budget”, noting the UK is expected to avoid recession this year with inflation falling to 2.9%.

Financial Times

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has delivered a defiantly upbeat budget offering a £9bn tax break for business, the Financial Times says.


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