Taylor Twellman previews MLS’s biggest season yet

Taylor Twellman previews MLS’s biggest season yet


A new era dawns over Major League Soccer this weekend as its 28th season begins alongside a blockbuster 10-year, $2.5billion television deal with Apple that is the envy of the global game.

Building up to the big kickoff there are few people as passionate as Taylor Twellman, a lead analyst in Apple’s coverage. A moment he describes as ‘monumental – 27 years of waiting’ is finally here – MLS can now reach fans in every continent at any time through AppleTV and judging by the swish studio in New York’s Upper East Side, it’s doing so in style.

It’s here that Twellman talks DailyMail.comthrough his excitement for the new season that starts on Saturday. 

It’s salient that as MLS goes truly global with Twellman a central figure in the coverage, his hometown of St. Louis finally has a soccer team that will be competing for the first time.

‘There have been many generations waiting for this moment,’ Twellman says. ‘It’s not about me personally, it’s about me as a St. Louis soccer player… it’s just that I more often than not have a microphone in front of me, so I end up speaking for every single player, male and female, who have been waiting…

And then when the summer comes around everyone is going to be talking about Messi. There is going to be a lot of eyeballs on Inter Miami both for the present and the future and I just love the fact that Jorge Mas and his family are in this league. They are going for it… flying all around the world to make sure Messi knows he is wanted and needed.’

Messi’s current contract with French giant Paris Saint-Germain expires at the end of the season. Earlier this month, reports in the highly reputable French paper L’Equipe said Messi believes his future is away from France and Miami are the leading team for his signature.

‘It would be Pele 2.0,’ Twellman says of the World Cup winner potentially heading to America. ‘You’re talking to a NASL baby, my father played in NASL and he played against Pele. 

‘I think you’re looking at a reincarnation of Pele to the NASL. What I think people don’t understand is the magnitude and the infrastructure of the league now. Couple that with the 2026 World Cup and this is a rocket ship to the moon. I think Messi is the perfect compliment to that and if they pull it off, it is something else…


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