Ghislaine Maxwell's blistering attack on Prince Andrew’s sex abuse accuser

Ghislaine Maxwell's blistering attack on Prince Andrew’s sex abuse accuser


Ghislaine Maxwell has claimed Prince Andrew’s sex abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre has a ‘faulty memory’ and questions how ‘anyone can rely on what she says’

Ghislaine Maxwell launched a full frontal attack on Prince Andrew’s sex abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre’s refuting her account of events.

The Brit said Giuffre’s memory is “faulty” and “should be questioned,” adding “the way it has been described would have been impossible”.

Maxwell told TalkTV she “hadn’t any memory of going to Tramp,” the London nightclub Giuffre famously claims she went to with the duke in 2001 before she claims they had sex.

She added she wouldn’t have gone “certainly not in the outfit I would have worn”.

Maxwell then said: “Her (Giuffre) stories have changed so many times about what happens, when it happens, how it happens with different versions and each time she speaks it’s a different version.

“In fact, if you look at her BBC interview on Panorama, I believe she says he (Andrew) puked on her face. That’s the only time she has ever said that.”

Maxwell continued her blistering attack moving on to Giuffre’s credibility.

She added: “I read her deposition, and in her deposition, her statements are very categorical, and her stories are very detailed and elaborate, but if her memory is so poor, how can you rely on anything she says?

“I don’t know on which is that her memory is so bad that you can’t really credit anything she says or it’s more disingenuous than that. I can’t tell you which it is only she knows definitively the answer to that.

“I think once you retract on two men you make claims against on the grounds that your memory is faulty. Like I said, I think you have to question everything she says.”

Ms Giuffre, 38, recently withdrew a sex abuse allegation against US lawyer Alan Dershowtiz and admitted she “may have made a mistake”.


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