UK Newspapers Front Pages: 20 January 2023

UK Newspapers Front Pages: 20 January 2023

Press Preview: Friday’s front pages

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The Sun

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin was told, “No one is above the law”, as he was charged with involuntary manslaughter over the killing of Halyna Hutchins during the filming of western movie Rust in 2021, The Sun reports.

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph reports that Britain and the US are leading a pressure campaign on calling Berlin to send heavy weapons to Ukraine – or Russia could gain the upper hand in the war.

Daily Mail

Rishi Sunak is facing fresh pressure to cut taxes after the Bank of England said Britain had “turned a corner” on inflation, the Daily Mail reports.

Daily Express

The Daily Express writes that Britain has turned the corner in the fight against soaring inflation, according to the Bank of England’s governor.

The Times

The Times reports that Jeremy Hunt wants to extend the 5p cut in the price of petrol and diesel for another year if the economic outlook improves, having accepted there is a “strong precedent” for freezing fuel duty.


The i reports that European leaders have welcomed Sir Keir Starmer’s plan to rebuilt ties with Brussels, and believe a Labour government would boost the UK’s relationship with the EU.

Daily Star

The Daily Star leads with a story on its favourite Elvis impersonator being “shook up” after dropping his first single on Spotify.

The Guardian

The Guardian reports that Tory constituencies have been awarded significantly more money per person from the government’s £4bn levelling up fund than areas with similar levels of deprivation, according to an analysis by the newspaper.


Rishi Sunak is under fire for taking another taxpayer-funded private jet flight to promote levelling up – as a Tory MP admitted using Britain’s “unreliable” train service instead would be madness, Metro writes.

Financial Times

The Financial Times reports that investors have been put on notice that central bankers on both sides of the Atlantic will “stay the course” on interest rate increases to cool their economies and tame high inflation.


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