Why won’t Harry and Meghan relinquish their titles?

Why won’t Harry and Meghan relinquish their titles?


When asked by Anderson Cooper why he doesn’t just give up his titles, Harry replied, “What difference would that make?” Ten out of ten for trolling, Haz. As a self-confessed “addict” of tabloids, he knows the majority of the British public believes that he and his wife should be stripped of their titles. But the truth is, without those titles, the Sussexes are just regular celebrities. The duke and duchess before their names allow them to maintain an element of importance. Just plain old “Harry” doesn’t sound so good.

Harry and Meghan’s obsession with titles has been well-documented. In the lead-up to her wedding, it was rumored that Meghan was “disappointed” with her incoming duchess title, as she’d longed for and expected to be “Princess Meghan.” …

There is a real possibility that the King could retaliate to this calculated attack by stripping the Sussexes of their titles, but there’s also an argument to be made that this is the worst thing he could do. For starters, it would give them another reason to play victims, and more material for their memoirs. If they are stripped of their duke and duchess titles, they would be able to use the titles of Prince and Princess Henry, which we know is what Meghan has always wanted.


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