Retro Pod app transforms your iPhone into an iPod

Retro Pod app transforms your iPhone into an iPod

Talk about a blast from the past! Retro Pod app transforms your iPhone into an iPod – including the classic scroll wheel


Gen Z are yearning for the noughties – first it was low rise jeans and cargo pants, but now it appears they are branching out to older tech.

While most people opt for a new, sleek iPhone, some are trying to transform their phones to look like the iPod Classic.

The iPod, which first launched 22 years ago, is still deemed one of Apple’s most successful products, revolutionising how we listen to music.

And while the product was discontinued last year, app creators are now trying to find ways to make sure we can still access the classic iPod home screen when we are feeling nostalgic. 

TikTokker EllyAwesomeTech took to the video sharing platform to inform her followers how they can make their iPhone look and work like an iPod when listening to music. 

The app, called Retro Pod, is available in the App Store, converting the screen into the iPod Classic homepage, with four options appearing on the home screen – random play, music, settings and now playing.

It even has the classic scroll wheel, with tactile functions created by haptic feedback, so it feels bumpy as your scroll through your music options. 

Elly Bailey, from Australia, explained on her TikTok: ‘Sweet nostalgia the iPod is back. You can download an app that makes your iPhone feel like an iPod. 


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