Floyd Mayweather shuts down claims of an bout with Amir Khan

By Charlotte Daly

‘He’s a cloud chaser that’s been reaching his whole career’: Floyd Mayweather shuts down claims of an exhibition bout with Amir Khan and claims the British star was never a ‘top’ boxer

Floyd Mayweather has said Amir Khan needs to ‘look in the mirror’ and stop chasing ‘clouds’ after the British boxer said he could have beaten ‘Money’ during their prime.

Floyd Mayweather insists he is not interested in fighting Amir Khan in an exhibition bout – and claims the British boxer is a ‘cloud chaser’ that needs to realise he was never ‘one of the greats’. 

The two fighters – who almost fought 2015 before Mayweather decided to face Marcos Maidana instead – have been linked with an exhibition bout following their retirement from professional boxing. 

But Mayweather has dismissed claims he could face Khan – claiming the 35-year-old has been ‘reaching his whole career’. In a stinging attack on the former welterweight world champion, Mayweather mocked the now-retired British boxer by saying he is unknown in the US.  

Khan – who called out Mayweather for an exhibition bout two weeks after retiring – recently said he would have beaten the American when they were both in their prime, but the boxing icon said that Khan needed to ‘look in the mirror’ and stop chasing ‘clouds’.

Speaking exclusively to Sportsmail, Mayweather said: It’s great that he [Amir Khan] feels that way. But you’ve got to look in the mirror Khan against Canelo and look at me against Canelo. That’s your answer right there. 

‘I’m not even worried about Amir Khan. I want to go out there this weekend in Tokyo and have fun [against Mikuru Asakura]. 


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