Archie Battersbee: Family refused permission for hospice move


The family of 12-year-old Archie Battersbee cannot move him to a hospice for withdrawal of treatment, a High Court judge has ruled.

His family applied for permission after the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) refused a request to delay the withdrawal of life-sustaining support.

Archie’s mother wanted him “in a peaceful hospice to say goodbye”.

But doctors warned he was too unstable to move by ambulance and it would “hasten premature deterioration”.

Responding to the hospice ruling, Archie’s mum, Hollie Dance, said: “All our wishes as a family have been denied by the authorities.

“We are broken, but we are keeping going, because we love Archie and refuse to give up on him.”

Archie, who is being treated at the Royal London Hospital, was found unconscious at home in Southend, Essex, on 7 April – his mother believes he may have been taking part in an online challenge.

He suffered “catastrophic” brain injuries and doctors think it is “highly likely” he is brain-stem dead.

Life-sustaining support, including mechanical ventilation and drug treatments, has been in place since April.

Three justices at the Court of Appeal are considering an application from Archie’s family for permission to appeal the latest decision.

‘Peacefully and privately’

In her ruling earlier, Mrs Justice Theis concluded it was not in Archie’s best interests to be moved.

She said: “Archie’s best interests must remain at the core of any conclusions reached by this court…


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