Rugby star Ricky Bibey's 'assault on woman so bad he suffered heart attack'

Daily Star

Former rugby star Ricky Bibey died of a heart attack during a frenzied assault on his partner while in a hotel room in Italy, a source claims.

Police were called to the Hotel Continentale in Florence after a UK citizen, later identified as the retired rugby league player, was discovered dead after a suspected seizure or heart attack at 8am local time on Saturday, July 16.

Bibey, 40, was pronounced dead while a woman, reported to be his partner, was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

It transpired that it was indeed his partner, 44-year-old successful estate agent Jennie Platt, who allegedly suffered a “shocking and violent assault”, according to her lawyer.

Platt was rushed to hospital where she needed three operations after she was viciously beaten up at the £350-a-night four-star hotel.

Prosecutors investigating the attack had to wait more than a week to talk to the mother of two, who has now been discharged from hospital, because of the state 17-stone Bibey left her in…


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