We’ve been without water for months… I have to shower in the GARDEN

The Sun

FAMILIES have been left without running water for months due to faulty pipes after the nearby well dried up.

Instead, residents are having to rely entirely on bottled water provided by their water company, even forcing one man to shower in his garden using a bottle.

The residents of Weeder Square in Shaw, Oldham have been waiting more than 10 weeks to be connected to water mains after their usual water source ran dry.

Instead, the company responsible for connecting them, United Utilities, is having to provide bottled water for everyday use.

They say that the delay is caused by faulty pipework.

Jean Mulhall, 88, who lives in the square said she has been prescribed anxiety medication over the drawn-out ordeal.

She also said: ” I’m going up to my daughters to have a shower. Otherwise, I have to take a bowl of water upstairs and put in the bath, or stand in a bowl of water and have a shower.”

Worse still, she has to carry a full bucket of water upstairs each time she needs the loo…


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