'I'm 27, but everyone thinks I'm a 12-year-old boy – I can't even get a job'

Daily Star

A baby-faced bloke left deflated after multiple firms refused to give him work because of his youthful looks has launched a viral plea for a job.

Mao Sheng is actually 27, but employers refused to believe he is any older than 12.

His small structure and youthful features meant desperate efforts to find a job drew a blank.

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Mao, from Dongguan, China, said many employers accused him of lying about his age.

And he said others are reluctant to him a chance as they fear authorities may hit them with tough penalties if China’s strict child labour laws are broken.

His frustrations culminated in a TikTok video appeal for work, in which he explained the story behind his search for work – and it’s since gone viral.

Mao explained his farther had suffered a stroke and he needed to work to financially support him as he recovered.

He and a pal had taken to the streets in search of work at factories in the city.

But while his friend quickly secured employment, Mao was left disappointed after rejection followed rejection.

After a fruitless search, Mao was left feeling defeated – until his video brought him some luck…


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