Neighbours’ Joe Mangel star’s life – second career, move to Wales and ITV fame

We’re gearing up to say goodbye to the best Neighbours we’ve ever known later this month.

The Australian soap first made its way onto screens in 1985 but the final scenes for the show were shot in early June after the programme didn’t secure funding after being dropped from Channel 5.

The series follows those living and working in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough outside Melbourne.

Some of the soap stars have gone on to become worldwide names including Academy Award-nominated actress Margot Robbie, The Hunger Games’ Liam Hemsworth, Theatre supremo Jason Donovan and pop music superstar Kylie Minogue.

The latter two have confirmed they returned for the final episode of the soap, set to air on July 29 – as has Mark Little, better known as the lovable rogue Joe Mangel.

Over a three year run, we saw Joe turn from a brutish lout who was fond of a drink into a responsible, clean-cut father, played magnificently by Little.

He’ll be back for the finale, but what has Mark Little been up to in the meantime?


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